Monday, October 20, 2014

It's Like Herding A Bunch of Kittens!!!!

Well, it is definitely harder than I thought it would be!  Teaching the 2's I mean!
At the beginning of the school year, I was supposed to have one person as my parapro.  As it turns out, my good friend, Dawn, was hired to work with me.  It has been great to hang with her every day and do this 2's thing together!  We know each other really well and can "read" each other fairly well with regards to when we have had enough with certain children, when we need to take "a second" to calm down - it has been a good year so far!

I subbed in the 2's room last year.  When you are the teacher of the 2's, you can start out the year by showing them what you want from them and most of them will fall in line.  There are a few children that are a challenge in our classroom and it has been hard to be consistent, but we have been on it from the beginning.  
I have planned for all kinds of art and learning opportunities for the kidlets and they have done really well so far!  It is only when we get off-schedule that it feels a little HECTIC and CRAZY!  It turns into a "herding kittens" kind of day and both Dawn and I are relieved when the last child leaves for the day.  I think all the teachers have this sort of feeling though. I also think that after the first year, you get your real groove as a teacher, so next year will be a LOT better!  
I am not sure how the rest of the year will go, but I am hoping that I have proven to the preschool administration what I can do and how well I do it. Maybe next year I will get the Pre-K4 class (which is my goal).  

What worries me is, that Dawn and I will do such a good job this year, that they will want us to stay in the 2's class and repeat what we are doing this year again next year!  

Wish us luck!

Until Next Time,

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