Thursday, May 15, 2014

A New Home For Us!

It all started with a chat about where we may move after Nathan was done 5th grade and our current lease was finished.
A friend at work had been re-zoned for a different high school for her daughter and was angry!  I told Ben that it would be better if we could find a house within walking distance of the middle and high schools.  It would eliminate the possibility of being re-zoned.   
I went online to look at the houses that were available and printed off a few to look at.  Personally, I thought that a foreclosure would be good to get into.  My friend, Laura, and her family bought a foreclosure and they were able to do a bit of renovating before moving in.  That was what I was hoping to do as well.  

We drove out to Ola to check out a few houses that were in foreclosure or had already been foreclosed on and passed a neighbourhood that had newly constructed home in it.  
This is the PADOVA and it is built by Sunrise Builders.

We applied for a mortgage and it was approved! We told our landlord and we worked together with him to get his home listed and ready for people to do walk-throughs.  It was listed at lunch on a Saturday and was sold by 5pm on Sunday!  So, we have until May 23rd to get our stuff out of the house on Noel way and cleaned up for the new owners! 

We are homeowners again and we closed today on this beautiful new home! 

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