Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Scrap Haven

It was a long time coming!  I spent the first 2 1/2 years in this house with my scrap space up in the "loft" of the house:

We would carry all the "scrap crap" up and down the stairs with every retreat that I would plan or attend.  It is HEAVY stuff too!  So, when we had the carpet replaced in the front room (dogs and cats ruined it completely) I told Ben, jokingly, that I was moving the scrap crap downstairs to make travelling to retreats easier.  He told me to go for it!

We usually use this room as a bedroom when our parents come to visit.  I figure, they come maybe one or two weeks out of the year, why not use the old scrap loft for their visit and use this room as my own little "Haven" to scrap in?

So, after a bit of measuring and figuring out how to organize everything, I did it! I took over the front room and LOVE how it looks now!

I had to order all my zebra covers for the cricut and the texture boutique from a wonderful woman named Kathy and she did a great job with them and she even did a scrap catcher for me in the Zebra Print.  I emailed her a picture of my Zebra chair from Bed Bath and Beyond and she was able to match the cozy's to the chair!

I even have 2 spots in the room for the kids to sit and create/draw/do homework made out of the Jetmax Cubes and desktops from Michaels.

I can keep an eye on them right here while they work on their homework and still keep scrappin'!  The best of both worlds here, baby!!!!

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