Friday, August 16, 2013

Nathan's 9!!!!

This is Nathan.....the night he was born. 

He has always been a happy kid and smiled at everyone.  I remember the week he spent in his Spiderman costume the summer before he went to Pre-K.  We even went to our favourite store "Hobby Loddy" (what he called it for the longest time) a couple times that week. He would smile at the cashier and she would just talk to him like he was Spiderman.  

Nathan has always been up for adventure and willing to try anything...once.  

When he met Sophie for the first time, he was so gentle and was more worried about hurting me, since I had surgery.  He is a fabulous big brother.   

 He wakes up early and when Sophie gets out of bed, he makes breakfast for both of them (cereal of course).  Sure, like all brothers and sisters, they get on each other's nerves.  But he is very patient with her most of the time.

He loves Star Wars, video games, watching Duck Dynasty, playing on his new Kindle, reading and riding his bike.  He would stay inside all day and play video games if we let him.  Minecraft is his new obsession.

We do "mum-son" date night every now and then.  The last time we went out, we talked about school, making the right choices when it comes to what his friends are doing and what he should do, things we wanted to see when we went up to Canada for our next visit and we talked about Montreal Canadiens Hockey.  Lately, we have been really into watching Duck Dynasty together.  It is "OUR" show.  We are even dressing up as Duck Hunters for halloween.  He is my "mini-me" and I wouldn't trade him for anything!

I love you Nathan!  Happy 9th Birthday!!!

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