Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer / Potty Updates

This weekend was uneventful!
We went to Laura's pool to celebrate both her boys birthdays.  The pool is always a great treat for my kids because we no longer have a pool in the backyard.  
Sophie is getting better at going in the pool and Ben was there to hang out with her. Nathan loved hanging out with Andrew and Ethan and their friend Kyle. It started to thunder, so we all had to head back to Laura's to eat cupcakes around 3:00.  
We went for bike rides on Saturday as a family around "the hood".  Sophie is really getting good at riding that bike of hers!  She even does well on the hills now!  Impressive!  It took a while for Nathan to learn to ride, but Sophie seems to really love going out on hers!

Nathan is such a "inside" kid.  He would rather stay inside, play video games, play with his Lego or read a book in comparison to Sophie.  She would spend a lot of time riding her bike and hanging outside doing whatever.  It is amazing that these kids are oh-so-different and they came from the same parents!!!!


What's Up This week?       NOT MUCH! 

Ben has to work 32 hours in 3 days in order to get the 5th (Friday) off as well as the 4th of July.  So, we won't see much of him at all until the 4th.

Still potty training Sophie - she is great about peeing on the potty, but when it comes to poopin? just keeps doing it in her panties!!!  ARGH!!!  SO FRUSTRATING!!!   I thought that we would have the hang of it all by now and it has only been a month in underwear!  We use pull-ups for naptime and we use Goodnites for night time sleeping. I am really glad that we are out of diapers, but I just want her to poop in the darn potty already!!!  SHEESH!   We don't go anywhere during the week, because I would hate to be out and about and have to deal with underwear full of I am CRAWLING THE WALLS here!!!  We have done 3 trips out of the house and they were FAST - one trip to Kroger, one to Wendy's for frosties and one trip to the post office to drop off a package to be mailed.  It is so hard when you are a "get out of the house or go nutso" kind of person!!!!  

Anyway, that is what is up with us right now.  
Until Next Time,


Anonymous said...

Hang in there love!

Anonymous said...

Hang In there Girl!