Thursday, June 13, 2013


Yep! That's ME!
I am now 38.  

I am in the 35-44 age group on all surveys and questionnaires.
2 years until I am 40...eek!

Yesterday was interesting for me.
I spent the day like any other summer day: with my kidlets. 

We are potty training Sophie on her new potty that she picked out last week at Walmart, which is a "new" thing for us.  We told her that when she was done this last pack of Pampers Cruisers that we were not buying any more.  We don't go anywhere when we potty train because we need to stay close to home until she grasps the concept of peeing on the potty when she "feels" like she has to go.  So, we stayed here.  

People were wishing me happy birthday on Facebook and it was nice to see all the well-wishers.  Laura and Dawn bought me Starbucks gift cards on Facebook and when I saw Christy G on Sunday, she had sewn me an adorable blue owl for my Origami Owl display and gave me a giftcard to Starbucks!   

I went to the mailbox and found 3 birthday cards in there!  One from Mum and Dad, one from my Mom-in-law and Father-in-Law and one from my friend Sarah up in Woodstock.  
Mom and Dad M (my in-laws) sent me some cash, so I went on Amazon and bought my RAIN Project Life Kit.  Purples, Greens, Blues = my kind of kit. So, that was cool. 
Friday, Marta and I are heading to see Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Marietta.  It will be fun.  We both like the theatre!  

Mum and Dad told me to buy myself something that I wouldn't normally go out and buy for myself.  So, we went to Best Buy and got a 39 inch LED TV for me to use in my bedroom.  Since the kidlets like to use the tv to play on the wii or watch Sophie the First or Cartoons/DVD's, I have been using a 19 inch television in my bedroom to watch shows on when they are using the "big tv".  So, now, I can escape to my bedroom and watch tv!

Ben texted me to see if I wanted to go out for dinner and we ended up going to Cheddars.  

When we got home, we did "the usual" get ready for bed, brush teeth and climb in.  
I didn't expect that I would end up spending the rest of the night on my own.  
Ben laid down with Sophie to get her to stay in her bed and promptly fell asleep!!!
So, I spent the rest of the night watching the tv until I got too tired and went to bed.

"Business as usual" in the Michalski household.  So, that concludes the 38th Birthday.  

Gotta love it!  Onward and Upward!!!!

Until Next Time,

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