Thursday, April 25, 2013

Re-Entry's A B!tch!

I'm a slacker when it comes to BLOGGING in 2013!

Not only have I been busy with Origami Owl, but I have also been really busy with OTHER stuff!
I planned another Skyline Retreat for March 2013.  
Probably my WORST weekend - ever - happened that weekend while I was up at Camp Skyline in Mentone, Alabama.  

Now, prior to Skyline, my friend Marcy came to visit and hang with me and that was a BLAST!!!  She is awesome!  I always enjoy spending time with Marcy!  On Wednesday, we drove up to Marta's for our regular overnight, which was also pretty fantastic.  I always sleep so well at Marta's house.  I am not quite sure why.

Now, we get to the B.A.D. part......
I need to explain why the weekend was the WORST.WEEKEND.EVER!
Now, planning this retreat is hard enough because there were 38 women all wanting different things.  
Who can please 38 women?  Surely, NOT ME! But, I try my best and they appreciate it (for the most part).  So, when you add a night of no sleep to the mix (yep - Thursday night, I was awake all night with my good friend, Sharon and some serious tummy issues - on my part) and then add in a LONG Friday with still no sleep.  We got the group shot though.....
When I finally get back to the cabin to take a much-needed nap before dinner, a phone call from the Hubby in GA. I called back and Nathan answered the phone "Hi Mum!  Sophie's puking all over your room!  It's really gross!"  (Gotta love an 8 year old who tells you everything.)
I finally get to talk to Ben and he called to see where I keep the carpet shampoo.
Now, hubby isn't the one that deals with the kids being sick (for the most part) and calling doctors and such.  That is a Mummy duty.
Well, I start to worry and freak out a bit because all I can think of is Sophie puking all over the house.  I mean ALL.OVER.THE.HOUSE.
My panic kicked in and "Mama Bear" bear came out!!!
I went into "over-drive" and started to blurt out every little piece of advice for Ben and he took it and said that he would figure it out.  I will tell you right now, I was really worried about what the house would look like when I got home and who else would be sick by the time I got home! 
I had called the doctor to see about getting some anti-nausea meds for her and he called them in.  Friends, who I thought would help, didn't come through for me and one stay-at-home-dad, that I know in our neighbourhood, came through for me and went to Publix to get the meds for Ben.
I was then escorted to bed by Marta (who was afraid that I would take my car keys and drive after being awake for more than 40 hours at that point).  
I truly think she saved my life that night and all I did was yell at her to "give me my F'n car keys!"  (Sorry for yelling at you Marta!  LOVE YOU!)  
You see, when "mama bear" comes out, you aren't rational, you can't think clearly, you lose your temper and say things you don't necessarily mean in anger and you just want to be there for your kidlet.  Well, I was embarrassed too.  Being escorted to my bed like a child?  What the hell!  I am a grown woman!
To make a long story short, Daddy came through for Sophie and my respect and love for this man has grown.  On top of that, my friend Marta, rose to the occasion, stared "Mama Bear" in the face and didn't care that I was yelling at her. She knew I would be okay in the morning after a good night's sleep. 
I have a good friend who loves me!  
Ben is a great father to my children!  
I am blessed

So, it was the weekend from HELL!!! 
I got through it.
Sophie made it through her first time throwing up.
Marta is still "my person" and I love her.  
My respect and love for Ben has grown exponentially after dealing with this.
Nathan stayed healthy.
Ben stayed healthy.
I did come home completely exhausted, 
but that is the case whenever I come home from a retreat.

Isn't it funny how, after all of that, I can see the blessings?  

Scrapbookers, while on retreats and afterwards, joke and say that "Re-entry's A Bitch".  
Only this time, it definitely was!!!

Until Next time, 

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