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Flip Pal Mobile Scanner - A MUST-HAVE!!!!

I mentioned planning and attending the Skyline Retreat in March.
What I didn't mention was what I worked on while I was AT the retreat!

Usually, I have a completed "power layout" of pre-planned pages to put together.  A "power Layout" is a box of photos, paper, embellishments and journaling ideas/boxes.  Here is how it works:
  1. Get photos together that you want to scrapbook.
  2. Find matching paper to go with the photos.
  3. Find embellishments, journal spots and ideas, titles, stickers, flowers, etc. and put them with the photos and paper.
  4. Put all the items together in between the page dividers (large plastic dividers that have a file folder tab on them).
  5. Complete steps 1-4 until all the photos are gone. 
  6. Pack your bag for the retreat.
  7. Drive to the retreat.
  8. Scrapbook.
    No Power Layout for this chick! Not this time around!  
I had 4 projects that I wanted to work on while I was up there. YES, ONLY 4!  Most of the ladies that know me, know that I pack the entire scrap loft and even bring the kitchen sink, so to bring ONLY 4 PROJECTS was quite a stretch for this chick!!!  Now, the 4 projects I decided on were things that I *knew* I wouldn't be able to sit down, concentrate on and take the time needed to do them while there were 2 VERY active kidlets around.  Talk about "Mission Impossible".....

The 4 Projects:
  1. Pull apart all of Nathan's Lego Instruction booklets and laminate them in 8.5x11 sheets to put in a binder.
  2. Scan all my baby photos with my Flip Pal Mobile Scanner.
  3. Finish up my Project Life 2012 Album.
  4. Start a Power Layout for the next retreat I attend.
Well, I started with Project #1 and ran out of laminating sleeves about 1/3 of the way through.  When it is all done, though, it is going to be so great for Nathan to have them all in a binder where they can't be bent, ripped, lost or taken by Sophie.  More sleeves would be needed to finish the project.     So, I put away Project #1 and started on #2.

Project #2 was to scan in all my baby photos with my Flip Pal Mobile Scanner. 
I am now going to go off on a tangent about this amazing machine, so there's your warning!  

Mum and Dad gave me money for Christmas to purchase everyone in our family a Christmas present. I bought this cute little mobile scanner after playing with my friend Laura G's at the last Skyline Retreat - Thanks Mum and Dad!!!!

Photo is courtesy of

What I did NOT know was that this itty bitty scanner would be able to scan all photos up to a 4x6 photo with the lid on it.  THEN, you can remove the lid, flip it over and scan any size of photo you want (as long as it overlaps a little) without the lid on it.  
Photo is courtesy of

The scanner came with a special SD card to store the photos on after scanning them, a USB drive to plug the SD Card into so that you can download the photos to your computer using a USB slot (for those who do not have an SD Card reader built into their computer) and 4-AA batteries. Mine also came with a pink case and a special Breast Cancer Ribbon skin to go on the lid of the scanner.  It was the "Breast Cancer Awareness" bundle.  

Now, the SD Card has special "Toolbox" software loaded on it to allow you to "STITCH" the larger photos together and it was SO easy to use!  ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE, can use it!
You choose the photos that you did a multiple scan of: (this one is an 8x10 of my husband)

Then click OK. It takes the photos, stitches them all together and........     VOILA!!!    
There's BEN!!!  
I was amazed at how amazing this little machine was and then the software just blew me out of the water! 
Here's some advice for those of you just getting your hot little hands on this awesome machine:
  •  If you move the scanner at all while you are doing multiple scans of a photo, it doesn't always stitch very well.  
  • So, press the green button and then don't touch it until it is done scanning each time.  
  • An overlap is a good thing when it comes to scanning larger photos into multiple photos.
  • Invest in some rechargeable batteries to use with this machine.

I was really impressed with it.  Can't you tell??

There is 1 drawback to this machine: 
  • It is a MOBILE scanner.  

This means that it does not have an AC adapter to plug into the wall.
It takes 4 AA Batteries.  I can tell you from experience that it EATS batteries.  I made it through about 3/4 of my baby pictures before I ran out of battery power.  I used the 4 batteries it came with and some batteries I bought at the dollar general (down the mountain).  
When I returned home from the retreat and life settled back down, I invested in a charger and a set of 4 AA rechargeable batteries - Sanyo Eneloop. A great investment for the amount of scanning I am planning to do in the future.  The batteries and charger stay with the scanner and are not used for ANYTHING else but the scanner.  No little fingers grabbing my special batteries!!!  It is a great little machine and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to scan photos, documents, articles, kid's artwork, old paperwork, scrapbook pages in an album that isn't yours.  It is PHENOMENAL!!!

Now back to your regular scheduled blogging.....

Once I had eaten through all of the batteries, I had to move on from Project #2 to #3. I packed away the scanner and my baby photos and pulled out My Project Life 2012 Album.  

By this time in the weekend, it was Saturday night and I knew that there wasn't a hope at all in getting to Project #4 because I had to insert photos and journal from the end of September 2012 until the end of 2012.  That includes our trip to visit family in Canada at Christmas.  So, I packed everything that I didn't need, in my car, and just worked on sliding in all the photos, leaving slots open for journaling cards and titles.

Have I ever mentioned how hard journaling is when you are surrounded by talking people at a retreat???  I even wrote what people were saying - by accident - while I was working on my journaling.  Talk about tough!!!!  Anyway, I never did get to Project #4.

In fact, it is still waiting "in the wings" to this very day.  I am STILL working on Project Life 2012 but I am now at December 5th.  Only a little ways to go and I will be able to start to put together that Power Layout of the photos I want to "get scrappy" with.

I have YET to complete a traditional scrapbook page in 2013.  When I finish the last bit of journaling in the Project Life 2012 album, I WILL count the pages that I completed.  But NOT until I am completely done with it!

Here's hoping it is SOON!!!

Until Next Time,

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