Thursday, February 21, 2013


I am currently in the middle of planning the Skyline Retreat. 2 WEEKS!!!!  2 WEEKS!!!!

Nathan and Sophie are out of school this week for Winter Break and I was without cable/internet/phone until Monday evening.  My computer is still having some trouble, but nothing I can't handle.

Oh!  On top of that, I am potty training Sophie too...yay (can't you just smell the sarcasm?).  I seriously think that 3 to 4 is the WORST age.  Not only is she trying to flex her muscles, show her independence and show her stubbornness, but her temper tantrums just put me out on that ledge and I just want to jump off!!!  She and Nathan are driving this chick to drink and I DON'T DRINK!!!

So, here's to a crazy, out-of-control week.
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Now, bring on the VODKA!

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