Monday, December 17, 2012

Update via Pictures:

Since I have been recovering, the only thing I can show you are the pictures of my life since surgery because I really don't have the energy to write:
AFTER Surgery...yes, that is me and yes, that was taken while I was heavily medicated.  Thank GOD for modern meds. Pretty swollen!!!
Ben putting the Christmas Tree up, with the kids, while I watched. 
Final product and the kids loved lying under the tree with their books, reading. I am sure it wasn't good for their eyes, but it was a great photo opportunity!
Sophie does NOT like when the lights are not turned on, so they are lit all the time, even in daylight!

She is just too cute for words!  I have to tell you that entire outfit came from one of my very good friends, Marcy!  Sophie looked way too cute not to take a photo!
Edible Arrangements!  FANTASTIC for people recovering from surgery.  Thank you MARTA!!!  It was delicious!
I had a 31 Party that Marta did for me on the 8th of December. I was crawling the walls and dying for company!  Not being able to drive is cruel torture for someone like me!  Carla and Christy came down with Marta to see me, ,as well as Beth, Dawn and Jess. I hadn't seen Carla and Christy since Skyline. Love these gals! 
It was a good day, but I crashed HARD once everyone left!
The Christmas Musical for Sophie's school was adorable!  Sophie stood there like a deer in headlights!  SO FUNNY!  Entertaining doesn't begin to describe it.  
Once she saw Daddy, she was very happy! Look at her little penguin shirt!  Isn't she cute?!?!
After the Christmas Musical, Dawn took our photo with my camera for me.  You can't tell this, since I can't really "fit" into my jeans due to surgery and stitches, but my pants aren't done church!!!!  It kinda makes me giggle a little!  Kinda feels wrong on so many levels!  

There's an update for you.  More to come a little later...
Until Next Time,

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S said...

Well, I am glad you are recovering - and feeling well enough to go to church half-naked! Take care and Merry Christmas Cyn!