Thursday, November 29, 2012


I really didn't know how blessed I was until I went in for my surgery.
I didn't realize that even though we moved away from Warner Robins, that our friends would still want to be around us, worried about us and would even want to come visit me in the hospital.
I figured that we moved and that it really wouldn't bother any of our friends because we rarely got together and life was so busy for all of us.  You know how it is, life gets busy and the first thing to fall by the wayside are friendships.  You text or email or see each other on Facebook and that has to be the extent of it because "life got in the way".  Well, I was wrong to think that and I am kind of embarrassed that I thought that in the first place!  
We lived in Warner Robins for 8 years!  Of course we had friends there, I guess I just didn't realize that we had an impact on people there.  
Aren't I dumb for thinking that?  I think I am!
Anyway, while I was in the hospital, 4 lovely ladies came to visit me.  
I was expecting Sharon, because she is  "MAMA BEAR" and is very protective around me and my family. She worries about me like I am part of her family.  I love that!
I really wasn't expecting any other visitors.
I was blessed with visits from Laura Anne, Brandon and Ashley.  Laura Anne came by on Monday night and brought me a frosty. It was so great to catch up with her and talk about our kids and hubbies.  The frosty she brought me was yummy!
The next morning, Ashley brought her 5 month old, Archer, to visit me and Brandon showed up with her little man, Micah, a little later.  We had a nice visit and talked about kids, what's been going on since we left and Harvest Church.  Oh, how I miss Harvest and the small group we used to participate in with them.  
I was very humbled that they wanted to come by and check on me.  
It made me feel loved.  I realized that I missed them and their friendship.  I also realized that maybe once in a while, a trip down for a visit is in order! 
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