Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 10

Today, I spent the morning preparing a late Canadian Thanksgiving meal for my parents and my family.  Thanksgiving in Canada was back in October, but my parents weren't here, so I decided to do it while they are here.
I bought the turkey and had it thawing in the fridge for a few days in preparation of their trip.  

Now, to get to the THANKFUL part of this post..........

I am thankful for the ability to READ.  
My biological father didn't know how to read beyond a third grade level.
(Side note: Nathan is in the third grade right now and he is already reading on a 7th grade level)

If I didn't know how to read, I wouldn't have known how long it would take to thaw the turkey.  I wouldn't have been able to read the ingredients of my first Pumpkin Pie and I wouldn't have been able to figure out how to combine all the ingredients and cook the pie either. Reading is one of the things that I have done with both of my children from a very early age (like, in the womb, early).  Nathan has already picked up my love of reading and Sophie won't go to bed without reading books.  So, I think it has been passed on to both of them.
I love to open a book and escape into the story.
When I read, I can picture the people in the book and what they are doing.  I sometimes can get so "engrossed" in the book that everything else falls by the wayside.  I can devour a book in a day and enjoy every little bit of it.  

Currently, I am reading my friend, Nuala Reilly's book AUTUMN VIOLETS on my Kindle.  So far, it is really good!  I am proud of my friend, Nuala!  She told me back in the 9th grade that she wanted to write and act.  She loved Drama in school and I have seen pictures of her doing community theatre and she has 3 books that she has written (which I have downloaded to my Kindle already).  She is probably one of my only friends who is doing exactly what she wanted to do in her life!  She's working on her 4th book right now!  Go Nuala!!!  

I am pretty thankful that I learned this life-long skill of reading.  I can't even imagine not being able to read. It is unfathomable, but I know that there are people in this world that do not know how to read.  I feel very sorry for them because they are really missing out.

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