Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness : Day 1

 I am thankful that my husband got home today after traveling for work.
I missed him and so did our kidlets!
Ben is an active part in our children's lives and they adore him.
Ben is the provider for our family and I am proud to call him my husband and best friend.  
He has so many qualities that I adore and love, but also some that frustrate me to no end.  
But I love him anyway!
He can tell when I have had a rough day, he is there to listen to me complain about stuff and sometimes provides a solution for my complaints.  
Other times, he just listens thoughtfully and gives me a hug.  
I am blessed and THANKFUL that he is my husband, lover and friend.  
I am even more THANKFUL that he is my children's amazing daddy!
I love you Ben!

Until Next Time,

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