Friday, October 19, 2012

Sweet Scrappiness!!

This is the Dining Hall at Skyline with all of our stuff set up.  
There are a few of us who wake up REALLY early and get our coffee.  
It looks like an episode of Hoarders, but I promise you, good things are happening with this "Scrap Crap" (as my hubby calls it)..... 
Our SNACK table is filled this year with all kinds of things we really shouldn't be eating.  But, we all bring an item to contribute to the snack table and "graze" all day long.
This is my table and where I am sitting this weekend.  The plan is to crank out as many layouts as possible and get in some much-needed "girlie" time.
I hope to come out of this retreat rejuvinated and relaxed.
Maybe even get my page count up to 300 while I am here.  I am at 266 for the year so far.  So, maybe I can hit 300!
As far as I am concerned, My kids are safe and sound at home with my in-laws and husband and I am away with My Skyline Sisters and that is ALL that matters!!! 

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If only I lived in Georgia. Your weekend looks like such a blast Cyn! Especially knowing you plan it. To have that much time and space to scrap continuously - someday... Have fun ladies!