Wednesday, October 24, 2012

QOTD - October 24, 2012

Joy is not in THINGS;
It is in US.
~Richard Wagner~
What an eye-opener for me today.
Joy is a hard thing to have when things don't go as planned.
When you get the curve ball thrown your way.
But I will be thankful and joyful despite any situation.
I am a HALF-FULL kind of person and always try to look for the positive.
When I do lean toward the negative, which happens from time to time, 
I have friends who will listen to me complain, 
then tell me to suck it up and deal with it.

Do you have friends who will "call you out" on your "crap"?
Have you been blessed with a HALF-FULL attitude instead of a half-empty attitude?
Maybe a scrapbook layout is in order for this kind of topic???  
Hmmmm, I will have to definitely think on that one!
Until Next Time,

1 comment:

Jessica Ellis said...

Hehe...I should get a professional certification in calling out crap, ha! I am both blessed and cursed with being able to read people rather well...and I try to see them in a positive light as much as possible because it's how I'd want them to see me.

Love ya girl...