Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello Monday....October 1st Edition....

Hello Monday!
Today it is dreary and wet outside and I have a LOT to do!

  • Get the kidlet off to school 
  • Drop the munchkin off at Preschool
  • Catch up with a very good friend for coffee
  • Get Groceries
  • Get to the Pharmacy to get me some cough meds (YES, I am STILL sick!  ARGH!!!)

Hello October 1st!  Can you believe that September came and went as quickly as it did?

Hello Skyline Retreat Organizing!  Technically, it is all done, with the exception of the clipboard that I just found after it being lost for a week.....the problem: no paperwork attached to it.  Now, I have to find the paperwork that was attached to the stupid clipboard!  Anyone that knows me, KNOWS that I am highly organized and keep lists going at all times!  This kind of stuff rarely happens to me and I am completely lost right now.  UGH!!!

Hello Groceries!
I am just getting the bare essentials today because I am sure I am going to be DRENCHED by the end of the shopping and loading into the car!

Hello Secret Sister!
I started working on her gift, but until after Skyline, I can't post pictures.  I need it to remain a surprise until Skyline and then I can show you everything that I bought her and made her.  I think she is going to be pretty happy with everything.  Or, at least I hope so.  

Until Next Time,

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