Thursday, September 6, 2012

ICK! .... Hello September!

My own spin-off of  "Hello Monday" that I have been trying to do lately.  I decided that since September is a FULL month, I would share with you what's up in the "M" Family Household!

Hello FEVER!  Yep...that's right, I've had a fever - 101.5...and chills, sweating, aches, pains and now a cough.  Yay me!  Now, I think I have given it to Sophie too....the cold part....hopefully not the fever!  Poor Kid!  
Hello Pampered Chef Christy!  She is coming over on Saturday to do a batch cooking class for all of us busy moms that want to cook our meals at home and save money! That is this Saturday the 8th! 
Hello NANA and GRANDAD!  They fly in from Canada on Thursday morning (13th) next week and stay until Wednesday morning (19th) of the following week. The kids will love having Nana and Grandad visiting and they always come right in between the kids birthdays.  So that means "Birthday Gifts" for both kids!  Nathan is excited to take Nana to Toys R Us!  He has a SERIOUS Lego/Nintendo addiction!  
Hello 13th Anniversary!  While my mum and dad are here, Ben and I will celebrate our 13th anniversary married and 16th anniversary together! I am hoping that my parents will keep the kids one night and we can go out for a special date night just Ben and I.  When they are only here for 6 days, it is hard to leave them with the kids and not hang out with them.  You know?  Look at how young we looked back then.  Yeesh!!! I feel OLD!!!
Hello FALL BREAK!  At the end of the month of September, Nathan and Sophie are out of school for a week and Ben and I are trying to decide what we are going to do.  If we want to take them to a beach for a couple of days or if we want to just have a "stay"cation or if we want to trek up to DC to check out the history up there.  I think all 3 would work for us.  But, it will be a week where Ben doesn't have to go to CAT and we can have some much needed "FAMILY TIME".  I would love to be able to get in some Family Photos that week too.  Since we haven't taken Sophie to the beach yet, it may be time to do it!  Afterall, Nathan was almost 3 when we took him for the first time!  I can just imagine Sophie at the beach "dirty, mama, fix it!!!"  Maybe a blanket at the beach will help with her getting "dirty".  She hates when she gets stuff on her feet and hands.  Should be interesting!  At least Ben has enough vacation time left to be able to take off from work!  We thought Disney would be cool, but we want to wait a little longer for Sophie to really know what she is experiencing!  So, we have put that off to another time!  
In other news:  
Sophie started going to Lunch Bunch this month and Tumblebus classes are on Wednesdays!  So, she gets to stay until 1:00 now instead of noon.  I get an extra hour and she gets to play outside, do music/art and eat lunch with her little friends! Here she is trying out Tumblebus last week and she really seemed to enjoy it!
Nathan has been in the Talented and Gifted program at school for a month and seems to be doing great! I haven't been to the classroom this year to volunteer yet, but plan to in the coming weeks.  My first parent/teacher conference was a week and a half ago and Mr. Van Deusen seems to think Nathan will do well on the CRCT in the Spring.  The cool thing:  Mr. Van D  has moved Nathan right beside him to keep him from talking and I LOVE that!!!  Sorry buddy, but you DO need it!  
Gosh, I love this kid!!  Whatta face!!!!  
Cyn: During this crazy month, I will be planning for SKYLINE #10!!!  WOOT! WOOT!  This is a BIG retreat this time. We are celebrating 10 Retreats together!  I have some serious stuff planned for the retreat!  I am excited.  Most of the stuff is already planned and the last thing to plan is the seating arrangements and if anyone backs out, I have to find their replacement from the waiting list.  So, I am praying that nobody else backs out so that I can get everything done!  I also need to figure out how to manage my time better with Sophie being in preschool 3 mornings a week, working out, volunteering and doing the "stay at home mommy" tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.  Time management has always been a struggle for me....I see a challenge coming!!!! 
Ben: Beginning September 1st, Ben is now the Controls Engineer at CAT.  He is still working in the Facilities Department, but he will be working more with the robots and programming once they are installed at the plant.  Since he went to school for Mechanical Engineering:Robotics and Automation Technologies, it is right where he should be! I think it will be awesome for him to actually use the things he learned in school.  Sweet!!! 
There you have it...the "M" Family Update for SEPTEMBER 2012! 

Until Next Time,

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