Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Monday....September 24th Edition

Hello Fall Break!
Nathan and Sophie are both off of school this week for Fall Break.  So, we decided that we would take a little family vacation!
Hello Road Trip!
Pulled out all the "travel stuff" yesterday and got the suitcases packed.  We head out this morning!
Down South we go!  Just a few days away. Sophie has never been to the beach and I am worried!  She doesn't like stuff touching her feet, so we will see how she likes the sand!  

Hello Sheriff Bill!
Luckily, we live right next door to a Sheriff and I walked over yesterday to tell him that we were heading out for a few days. He said he would keep an eye on the house!  SWEET!!!
Hello Jess & kidlets!
Jessica has offered to watch my puppies this week while we head out.  Isn't she lovely?   
Hello Power Layouts!
While we are away, I have a plan to get some scrapbook pages done and some laid out and ready to go for the weeks to follow.  I have a little bag packed and ready to play with at the condo at night.  

Hello Rest and Relaxation and a little Sun and Surf!

We haven't had a trip like this in YEARS!  Our vacation is usually a long drive up to Canada to visit with family.  I can't really remember the last time we went somewhere other than Canada.  Sad, eh?  Now, I am not talking about the little side trips, like our trip to see the Habs play in North Carolina. I am talking a WEEK LONG vacation.  I am thinking it was our last cruise back in 2007! That is a LONG time ago!!!  I think we are due....

Until Next Time,


Christy said...

Have a safe trip, great post without actual photos of your trip (that will be coming) Scrap away girl!

S said...

Have a great time - it looks like you have lovely friends and neighbors to watch over things while you are gone!