Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello Monday....September 10 2012

Hello Routine....we are back to a routine, even though I have been sick for a week!
Hello Jess...I had coffee with Jess at the Honda Dealership while her car was being worked on.  She is going away for a few days this week and I wanted to see her before she left.  So, I met her at the dealership and had a cup of coffee with her.  Weird?  YES!  But, at least I got to see her before she heads out of town!
Hello Hobby Lobby...I went there right after the dealership and bought Ben some new paint brushes.  I haven't stepped a foot into HobLob in a few months now.  There really wasn't much I was wanting....GASP!!!!!   Scary eh?
Hello Airport Pickup....Thursday, my parents are flying in to HOT-Lanta and I will have them a week!  The kids are pretty excited to see Nana and Grandad!  
Hello Afternoon is time for a nap now that Sophie is down for her nap and I am still recovering from the "sickness from hell"....finally got my voice back (kinda).  Want to keep getting better though!
Sophie when she was only a month old.....
Hello 10 Years In GEORGIA....yep, as of yesterday, Ben and I have been living in Georgia for 10 years.  Any chance of us moving home to Canada anytime soon?  Doubt it.  Unless something terrible happens like Ben losing his job or something even worse.  
On that note, I am heading to bed.....gotta catch some sleep while I can!
Until Next Time,

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