Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beach Day!

Relaxing under the umbrella.  

Building a Sandcastle.

Nathan jumping over the waves.  I love his carefree spirit!

The beautiful surf...


Our beach set up and all we had to do
was shift the umbrella as the sun moved.

 The beach in the morning.

Ben and the kids standing on a sand bar.  We even saw a small shark!  That kept Nathan "close" after we saw it!  LOL

Nathan running up the beach.

Jumping over waves...

The cool thing?  We applied the sunscreen a few times and the only thing that was burnt was just above the swimming trunks on both Ben and Nathan.  I am assuming that as their trunks got wet, they fell a little and the part that we hadn't gotten with the sunscreen got burnt!  Not bad!  
Sophie got a little bit of sun right under her eyes, so by the end of the day, Ben was calling her "zombie" because she hadn't slept either and looked completely tired.  I didn't take a picture though...darnitall!  
It is an overcast day today, so we will take a drive in Destin and see if we can get a souvenir for my fridge and then maybe hit the beach for some overcast swimming and picture taking!  We would definitely stay longer if we could.  I can see us coming back here for sure.  It's been a great trip so far!

Until Next Time,

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