Monday, August 13, 2012

Sophie's First Day At Preschool

Preschool started for Sophie today.  I am REALLY excited that she is going too!  It is 3 days per weed from 9 until 12.  Not a long time, but I believe that they will pack a lot of information and playing into those 3 hours!  These pictures were taken with Sophie before we left the house this morning.

That backpack is almost as big as she is.  I may have to correct that!  She looked so cute! The outfit she is wearing, we got for FREE at Kohls with a $10 off of $10 coupon.  Awesome eh? 
Sophie and Ethan have been playing together since last year and it was Dawn (Ethan's mom) who convinced me to check out this preschool with her last year.  Aren't they cute????    
Sophie walking into the Church heading to her classroom. As we got closer to her classroom, we heard a little boy crying and Ben and I looked at each other.  We both were thinking the same thing:  I hope this kid getting upset doesn't upset Sophie! NOPE!  She wasn't fazed at all! She was a champ!  I knew she would be, Ben was the skeptical one!  
Ben was worried that because he was dropping her off too, that she would be upset to see him go. She is, afterall, a Daddy's Girl.  Boy was he WRONG!!!  She walked right into that classroom and went to the chair that we showed her was hers at Open House last Thursday night.  She looked at us and smiled when we waved goodbye.  AWESOME!!!

Of course, when we went to get her at 12, she didn't even see me....all she saw was her Daddy and grinned from ear to ear that he was there to get her.  All was right with the world for her.  It is really amazing the love that little girl has for her daddy and the love her Daddy has for her.  I am very lucky that they have that bond and that Ben is her HERO.
This little girl had a great day today too! I mean, a great mood all day long, no whining, nothing!  It was awesome!  Now, to get her to bed for her nap!  I may even have one because last night, I didn't get much sleep!

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