Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello Monday! August 27th Edition

Hello Monday!!!
Hello Aldi!  I need salad stuff and some meat to cook this week....
Hello Coffee!  Lord knows, I need my coffee in the morning, but especially this morning!
Hello Shower!  You sure did feel great this morning!  I didn't want to get out!
Hello "CYN" Time!  I decided to forget the "TO DO List", stay home from the gym this morning, and have some "Cyn Time". I did a LOT this weekend and I need a bit of time to myself.  I needed this morning, while Sophie was at Preschool, to get things done that I wanted to do....
Hello Naptime!  Once I put Sophie down for her nap, the plan is to work on photos and getting them ready to print.  I have a coupon from CVS and I need to print by 9/1/12.

Hello Weekly Meal Plan! I have been trying really hard to plan out our meals and not eat out a lot.  I find that it just breaks the budget and it also breaks my diet!  Not that I am on a diet, I am just watching my portion sizes and making sure I eat healthier.  I did give up pop though and that has been wonderful. I have only had coke once (at the zoo this weekend with Nathan and his friends) and I am doing well with these two goals so far!  
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