Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ahhh...The Birth Of A Scrapbooker....

This is how it all started:

Wife says to husband…
“Look – I got invited to a ‘party’ and I won’t have to buy a basket, or jewelry, or candles, or even another plastic container! This party is different because I’m going to MAKE a page for a scrapbook! I’m ...going to learn how to put all those pictures we keep in a box into a photo album that will last a lifetime!”

FOR YEARS AFTERWARDS this can be heard in the home:
...-How much can a pair of scissors cost? And why do you need an entire cutting system if you bought scissors?

-The photo album was HOW MUCH? You HAD to get a paper trimmer too? Then please tell me ..what are the scissors for?

-How many magazines do you need to buy to be INSPIRED? And what’s with all this paper?

-You want what for your birthday? A xyron? What the heck is a xyron?

-I don’t understand why you need a digital camera. The 35mm I bought after college works just fine.

-Ouch! I just stepped on one of your %&*(*&% eyelets!

-MORE paper? You haven’t even used up what you got already!

-First the camera, then the printer, what’s next a scanner?

-I if we get these target cubes you’ll be able to see the paper you have and then you won’t have to buy anymore?

-Son, how many times have I told you – You CANNOT play with MOMMY’s tools!

-I don’t get it ..why do we have to go to Lowes to get paint chips if we aren’t doing any painting around here?

-Don’t worry sweetie..we won’t tell Mommy you borrowed her stickers to make Barbie look pretty.

-You had a 40% off coupon and you still spent over 100?

-What do you need all this yarn for? You don’t even knit! Do you?

-No dear. I do not know how to scan and stitch. Maybe someone on YOUR message board can help you there.

-Who took Daddy’s sandpaper?

-Don’t worry sweetie..we won’t tell Mommy you borrowed her stamps to make yourself look pretty.

-It’s 11PM. Isn’t that layout done YET?!

-Shhh..don’t tell Daddy that Mommy borrowed his sandpaper.

-Yes, I guess we can stop at that cute little scrapbook store during our vacation.

-You’re going to take a crap? I meant go to a crop…nevermind.


-So who is this Becky Higgins and what’s the big deal about her? She an actress or something?

-I thought you already had a sewing machine. What’s this one for?

-No..I’ve never printed on vellum before..YES..I can help you figure out the right printer settings..but what’s vellum?

-Queen of the week doesn’t mean you won’t still make dinner, right? Right? Whew.

-You just joined a what? A swap? I’m really happy for you honey.

-MORE paper? What’s so special about this ‘BRAZIL’ paper?

And the hardest one of all…

-Where did all these boxes of pictures come from…I thought you were going to put them all in a scrapbook!?

Well, there you have it!  How it all started...way back in September 2002 when we moved to Georgia. I found this write-up on Allison's Facebook and had to copy it.  It really is quite accurate!  As far as I am concerned, it is the ONLY way to preserve your memories and I am proud to say that I have completed over a dozen albums and have several more that are a "work in progress".  I don't see myself ever giving up this awesome and amazing hobby.  

Especially when my children love to look through all the albums and ask me all kinds of questions.  

Nope!  NEVER!!!  

Scrapbooking is seriously the only way to preserve your memories and celebrate your family from generation to generation!

Until Next Time,


sunnieday4u said...

Yep for me it started as a class in 92. But became an obsession with another class (offered by Betty) in 2003. And just having your kids enjoy the albums makes it all worth it. And after 22 completed albums and 2 albums ready to be put together I think I'll keep at it.

Jayne said...

I agree! Another great plus is all the friends you make :)