Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!!

July 1st is Canada Day!

As you can all see, I am a Proud Canadian living here in Georgia.  
Do you know how many people ask me (well Ben and I) if we plan to become US Citizens?  ...... A LOT!  Becoming American is NOT an option for Ben or me.
Sure, our children were born here in the USA, but because they are born of 2 Canadian Citizens, they are also Canadian! They won't have to choose to be one or the other.  They can be BOTH!  We call them CAN-AM's or Canadian Americans....because they will always be CANADIANS first!!!

Living in the US, we come across a LOT of misconceptions about Canada/Canadians.  Let me tell you a few that I have personally come across:
  • we all ride horses to work like the RCMP 
  • we live in igloos
  • every Canadian speaks French
  • it is cold up there all.the.time
  • we end every sentence or phrase with, "eh?"
  • Canadians are pleasant (possibly dull?), hockey-playing, tuque-wearing, beer-swilling liberals?
  • Canadians are socialists
  • everyone in Canada knows each other
  • Canada is part of the USA
  • we all speak like we are from the East Coast

The funny thing is that even when people find out you are Canadian, they try to use "Eh" and almost always use it the wrong way!  Makes me laugh.
I have a couple of friends here in Georgia that STILL giggle when I use it (which I still do...a lot).

I found this cute map of CANADA online somewhere and I wanted to share it with you all.  Kinda funny!

Well, Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians out there!!!  
I hope you enjoyed your day off up there (which I am sure was either Friday or Monday since it is a statutory holiday and it fell on a Sunday this year).  

Until Next time,


Leslee said...

Ok, I had to comment on your post as I an also a Canadian living in the US. Montana, though. People I come in contact also can't understand why I don't want to become American. I also have 2Can-Am children,
Where are you from in Canada? Me, London, Ont.
Will check back on your blog-found you through Suzanne's blog.
Always great to find another Canadian among us.

Cyn M said...

Thanks for your comment Leslee! It's always great to find other Canadians in the States! Montana eh? Very cool!
I am from Guelph, Ontario and my hubby was born in Guelph, but lived in Fergus Ontario from 10 months old until we got married in 1999.

Thanks for checking in on me! :)