Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Molson!

10 years ago today, my Molson puppy was born!
We didn't move to Georgia until September, 
but as soon as I saw him and saw when he was born, 
I had to have him!
 Happy 10th Birthday Molson!
Isn't he a cute puppy dog???
Onto other news.....
Happy Independence Day to all my American friends out there!
The 4th of July was spent with our friends David and Laura and their two boys, Andrew and Ethan.  It was a swim at their neighbourhood pool and hanging out at their new home. A great way to spend an afternoon/evening!  We drove home just in time to catch the fireworks at Nash Farm.  We sat in the driveway and watched the fireworks.  I tried to get a few shots with my camera and they were terrible!!!  So, no photos to show of the fireworks.  We had a great day and we have good friends to thank for it!!!

I am now off to bed and plan to hopefully sleep in tomorrow!!!
Until Next Time,


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