Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project Life Update - 5-14-12 to 6-3-12

It has been a while since I updated this album, but it literally took me about 45 minutes to put these 3 weeks together!  That is one of the benefits of PROJECT LIFE!  Gotta love it!
I am also working on a bunch of other albums.
The Week of May 14-20 2012: 
We had a lot going on at the house and at school.  It was the second last week of school, so I was at the school several times that week.  The Book Fair was at the school and then Nathan's grade had field day on Friday.  It was also the week that Nathan finally learned how to ride his bicycle (without training wheels).  We had to buy him a bike that fit before he could REALLY learn.  
Poor kid grows and grows and grows...kills me.  
We really need to stop feeding him!  ;)  HA!
I also bought us some Summer Passes to the kids movies at the theatre here.  Each week, the theatre plays 1 movie on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30am.  I figured it was a good idea.
The passes were only $5 per person and if we went to 3 movies this summer, it would pay for itself.
The plan right now is to go weekly and enjoy the movie that is playing whether we have seen it or not!
 The Week of May 21-27, 2012:
 Nathan's grade level Awards Ceremony was Tuesday, 
he got the Perfect Attendance award for the entire year. 
I also took the end-of-year photos of each of the kids with Ms. Sarratt and then a class photo.  
I was at the school every day helping out.  
I went to the mailbox after school one morning and found a surprise from one of my Blog Followers, S.
She sent me her stickers from her Project Life core kit because she wasn't using them!  Sweet eh?
Thank you S!!!
Friday was the last day of school and I am really sad because Ms. Sarratt won't be there next year.  
She was an awesome teacher for Nathan.  
She bought me a pot of flowers as a Thank-You for all my work as the room mom this year.  
It was a nice little party we had for the kids.  
Then, I ended up getting sick!!!!  
I spent the majority of the Memorial Day Weekend, in my bed napping and trying to get my energy back.  
It was B.A.D!!!
The Week of May 28-June 3, 2012:
Memorial Day, we spent around the house and just enjoyed the time off.
Ben's game - Diable III - finally was released May 15th, so he spent some time playing.
We went up to visit with Marta and go swimming in her pool.  
Sophie finally likes the pool and has stopped crying and Nathan is still a fish!
We went to see RIO at the theatre this week and it was Sophie's first movie at the theatre.
You should have seen her face!  Her mouth dropped open when the lights went down and the movie came on!  PRICELESS!!!!
The beginning of June = JOINING THE GYM!  I did it and took two classes on the 1st.
It feels pretty good to be back exercising!  
I didn't realize that I had missed it! (Pretty twisted that I missed it eh?)
Saturday, Daddy had to work again, so I took the kids to Home Depot to attend one of their workshops.
They both loved hammering in the nails and painting the object that they made for Daddy.
The last picture is of Nathan.  He drove his bicycle into a mailbox in the neighbourhood on Saturday and I wanted a picture of it.  It looked really bad when it first happened.  It looked a lot better Sunday.   
There you have it!  An update and lots of pictures to look at!
In the coming weeks, we will be on vacation, so I will have more pics the last week of June or the first week of July.  Should be a ton of fun over the next few weeks with lots planned.
Until Next Time,

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