Friday, June 1, 2012

I did it! I did it!

I told Ben that I was going to join the gym and last night on my way to Jessica's house, I did just that!  I went into LA Fitness (I call it "LAFitness" - using the French accent of course, not L.A. Fitness - the way you are supposed to say it - ha!) and signed up for a membership.  
It is a monthly membership (not a contract) and I have to pay for each kidlet to go as well to be watched in the Kidz Klub. When school starts back for Nathan, I will be able to drop him off from the membership which will save me $10 a month. Nice eh?
Now, y'all know that I used to teach aerobics and personal train, but I stopped when I was pregnant with Sophie.  Well, I let my certifications lapse after Sophie was born and never went back to teaching or personal training.  In fact, I just didn't go back to exercising at all.   

So, I signed up late last night and went in this morning to do my first workout.  
I got on the Elliptical and did 15 minutes of the manual preset.  I was sweating 2 minutes into it and huffing and puffing by about 7 minutes in!
My plan was to hit the Latin Heat class at 9:45 and I got in there around 9:55 after I had done 15 minutes on the Elliptical and burned 100 Calories on it.  
Can I tell you that this Latin Heat (kind of a mix of all latin dancing, some hip hop and belly dancing all at once) had me sweating even MORE?!?!?!  Plus, this white girl has NO rhythm what-so-ever!
  I am sure that once I get used to the moves, I could probably shake my tushie and add all kinds of flare. But this morning, I looked like I was having an epileptic seizure or something in that darn class!  It was hilarious.
At least I can laugh at myself, eh?
Anyway, all I can say is DAMN GOOD to be back!!!!
Now, to just get my cardio back so that I can start teaching again!
Go Cyn!  Go!
So, tomorrow morning, I am going to try to catch a step class.  I can't wait!
Until next time,

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Jayne said...

So proud of you!! I need to follow your example - you go girl!