Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Scrap Loft Re-Vamp...FINALE!

I spent a lot of time last week putting together Expedit Shelves from Ikea and re-organizing my Scrap Loft.  I know, I know! I spend a lot of time re-organizing and not enough time scrapbooking! But that is about to change.  
I have a great set-up now and can really get to work on some layouts in this great area!
As I said the other day, I am on the Design Team for Jayne's Feeling Scrappy Sketchapalooza class.  So, I have a few layouts to get done ahead of time. 

Not to mention, the other layouts I need to do to finish up some of the albums that I have on the go.  That is the MAY Use Your Stash Challenge over at Scrapshare:
My CHALLENGE to you for the month of May and this weekend's celebration of National Scrapbook Day.....(if you choose to accept it) is:
  1. Go through all your albums in search of things that you need to do to FINISH the entire album to call it "COMPLETE".
  2. Make a list of each of the things that you need in order to finish the album.
  3. Get to work this month on purchasing those things and creating what you need. FORGET using your stash, this is about FINISHING THOSE SCRAPBOOKS OFF!
  4. Put the album back on the shelf, IT IS FINISHED. COMPLETE. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
  5. Keep track of the pages you complete ONLY. Don't worry about money, don't worry about tracking the money you spent. The goal is to FINISH your albums in their entirety. Get that journaling done, get those page protectors on those pages, get the titles done! Whatever it is, in the words of Larry the Cable Guy "Git 'r Done!"

***afterall, you can't count the page as DONE until you finish everything!!!

So, the plan this week is to get in here and GET MY SCRAP ON!!!! 
Now, the pictures you have all been waiting for!!!!!
The room was taken apart. I took the scrap table from the corner by the bookshelf and put it in the hallway to hold a lot of stuff while I moved stuff and threw stuff away.   
This is the wall that I re-organized and re-purposed a lot of stuff.  I also figured out that the small 4 cube Expedit would fit on TOP of the 8 cube Expedit without hitting the ceiling!  MORE STORAGE!  WOOT!
My large scrapbooking table sat in front of this bookshelf. But not anymore baby! 
I bought 2 Expedit Shelves at Ikea and 2 VIKA AMON table tops to sit on top of the shelves.  Jessica came over one night and we measured out the wall in front of the window and figured out that 2 Expedits lying down could fit across the entire wall and we could build my JetMax cubes up either side of the window.  It looks fabulous!  Thanks for the awesome idea Jess!!!  YOU ROCK! Oh yeah, thanks for helping me put together the last Expedit. It went together so much easier. She also helped me to put my papers back in the slots they belonged in and move around some stuff up here too!  (On a side note:  Jess pointed to the directions and it had 1 person with an "X" over it and then 2 people trying to put it together. I am not one to look at directions in the first place and YES, I did put one together on my own thankyouverymuch! Leave it to Jess to point it out though!  Love ya Jessica!!!! )
Now, I have plenty of room for me to crop, a friend to come and sit at my table and crop with me AND another 6 foot table to have 2 more friends crop with me!
Okay gals, who's coming and when?  I have an empty calendar after the 25th of May! Until then, it is end of school year stuff, book fairs, parties, etc.  You know how it is at the end of the school year!  You BLEED money for parties and teacher gifts. So, anytime after May 25th, let me know when you are coming!
For right now, I am going to go through my photos and try to scrap a few pages.  Maybe even make a couple of sketches and take this new space a test-drive!
Until Next Time,


kimmie said...

i think it is an amazing space! i love all your storage units! at your new scrapping table is there a space underneath for your legs? or does the tab;e extend out over the shelves? i love it! the space is huge!

Christy said...

You go girl. That small space looks fabulous. I have SO many albums that need stuff. It may take all summer.....

Anonymous said...

Looks great Cyn! I'll be right over!

Cyn M said...

I have been busting it all week to get it done! As for the desktops. They are 29 1/2 inches wide, so they have an overhang of 14.5 inches. Makes for a great work space! I can scrap with my feet off the ground on one of the shelves.
Hey Christy, if you want to come over sometime this summer, bring the boys and we can get some of your albums finished! ;)

Jayne said...

look great! Bet you are glad it is done...Would love to come scrap!!

JessicaE said...

Love how it turned out, Cyn! I hope it turns out to be functional for you!

Lorina said...

Wow, I'm heading to IKEA !! Great job.