Friday, May 18, 2012

Project Life Update....

I decided to update the Project Life album before I started with the layouts I wanted to create for the Feeling Scrappy Sketchapalooza 7 class.  I am really happy with the way this album is turning out.  The best thing is that on the days that I don't get a good picture or forget to take one at all, I can put in a few pictures for a particular day and tell the story a little better.  An example would be the re-vamp of my Scrap Loft.  I want to be able to tell that story and show off my space.  I did take pictures for that week but some didn't turn out the way I would have liked and some were blurry. So, instead I put in the pictures from when I was moving around my scrap area and organizing. 
I am one of those nerds that likes to organize things and I get a rush when it is all done and looks awesome!  I am all smiles, baby! 
So, here are the pages that I have completed since my last update - April 23 2012 until May 15 2012:
 I blurred out the pictures because they are for the upcoming Sketchapalooza 7 class in June. 

I am not sure how you work from your Core Kit, but I decided to take the journaling cards out of their storage boxes and just have them ready to go in the large box.  It works best for me when I am working.  Here is how I have my cards laid out.  Also, I bought an extra set of 3x4 Grid Journaling Cards.  They are in here as well.   
According to Becky Higgins, the core kits are now going to be made in the USA.  Very cool!  Now, the other thing, that I am not too happy about, is they will not have stickers in the core kits.  I use my ARROW stickers so much and I am bummed about the fact that they won't be in the Core Kit anymore.  But, I am looking for other options for arrows to use in the album.  I think they are looking for other options, but they will be bought as a separate item. I am not sure I will like that because it will cost more to get the entire kit.  If this is going to be a yearly thing, I have to make sure that it will fit in the budget.  Last year, the Project Life Kits were all one big package with one price.  This year, everything is separate:  Core Kit, Cardstock, Page Protectors, 3x4 Grid Journaling Cards, Memorabilia Envelopes and Dividers are all a separate item to be purchased.  Will be hard to justify in the budget.  We'll see though because once Ben sees the project put together and done, he will more than likely be cool with it.  I could always ask my inlaws and parents for the individual pieces for birthdays and Christmas!  ;)
Anyway, that is my Project Life update for this week.  Once again I am CAUGHT UP!  How weird does that ever feel to say that!!!  Something I thought I would NEVER hear myself say in a million years!
I hope you enjoy these updates because I really enjoy sharing them with you!  
Until Next Time,


Jayne said...

Nice job Cyn! I am sure it does feel great to be caught up! :) I ma so tempted by project life but am concerned it would consume me and not leave much scappy time for other projects...

S said...

Your pages are filling up and looking great. Glad to hear that Becky is bringing the production back to the USA. As for me I never ever touch the arrows and the numbers - since I am only doing it monthly I never seem to need them. If you want to email me your address, I'd be glad to pop mine in the mail to you - I have the Clementine set.

Cyn M said...

Jayne, it doesn't really take that much time. I mean, you are already taking the pictures and all you have to do is go to CVS or Walgreens once a week or once every 3 weeks and get your pics printed. It took me an hour and a half today to put everything together with journaling. Easy peasy! Now, I can concentrate on my scrappy stuff that I wanted to get done this weekend (S7 related). :)

Cyn M said...

Wow! Sue, that would be awesome! I really appreciate it! I would love the arrow stickers! I use them with every card! I will shoot you an email for sure. Let me know if you want me to pay for postage! :)