Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today is the day!  Laura and I are heading to:
It is time to pick up her: 
Yep....you've got it....EXPEDIT SHELVES!!!!
I am an Ikea Family Member and this month, the Expedit Shelf above is only $59.99.  So, I may be coming home with one myself!  
Afterall, my albums when (they are finished) will need a home and THESE are perfect for CM Albums and other albums.
Last Monday, I went through all of my albums that I currently have - finished and brand new - to figure out what needed to be done to actually finish the albums.  I have 10....yes 10...that need a couple pages here and there, or page protectors, or journaling, or even pages!  So, that will be my MISSION for the month of May - TO FINISH UP the albums.
Add to that the fact that I have 12 albums still in plastic that need to be STARTED!  Yikes!  I see a lot of scrapbooking in my future...
but first....

Until Next Time,

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