Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello....Rock Bottom!

All my life, I have been a "Skinny Minnie".  I was born 4 lbs 9 oz. and stayed underweight until way after I was married.  I was totally okay with that. Then I had Nathan and stayed around 135 for a long, long time.  Then, I got pregnant with Sophie at 138 and stayed there until I was 6 months along and then the weight creeped up..and up....and up.  
I weighed myself on Monday (the 7th of May) and realized "HOLY CRAP!  I am 180 pounds!"
So, today marks the first day of the diet & exercise from hell.  
I like food.  I like to eat.  I know I eat more than I should and later than I should, but I like food.  I just am not good with portion sizes.  I used to like exercise.  Hell, I used to be a fitness instructor and personal trainer.  Well, technically,  I am still knowledgeable in these things, I just let my certifications lapse when I had Sophie.  I just don't do it anymore.  You know the deal:  I don't take the time to do it!  
Anyway, I kinda freaked last week and realized that it was time to do something.  Sure, I joined the Move More, Eat Well movement with Cathy Zielske at the beginning of the year, but I have fallen off the wagon.  I think I LOST the wagon, forget falling off!  Ha!   How could I let myself gain so much weight?!?!  I guess it is easy when you aren't paying attention and wear comfy clothes all the time.  Crap Happens.....
So, here I am, Cyn M, getting serious about this....again.....
Starting Weight as of today: 181 lbs.   Here we go again! Time to get to work!
Until Next Time,


Jayne said...

I hear you girl! I am the heavist I have even been - started WW (again!) last Monday. Must do something about it before it gets completely out of hand. I have evey excuse in the book but I don't exercise and I eat to much - period. Good luck with your journey!

Cyn M said...

We can support each other Jayne! I am not sure I want to join WW but I am thinking I need to join the gym again. This will be the first time I have had to pay for a gym membership since 1999! I used to teach aerobics to get my membership for free! :(

We can keep each other going and vent to each other when we need to complain about not being able to eat stuff! LOL

Chris said...

I hit rock bottom in January. Welcome to the bottom! I am now 30 lbs lighter, and you will be too. We can complain about food together.

sunnieday4u said...

I'm right there with you. I decided today the only thing that was stopping me from losing weight was me. Not food, not the weather (which was often the case in Nashville), not Terry, not the kids. Me. Me and only me. So today I went walking. In front of God and everyone. Felt like every person driving by was judging me which only made me walk faster and harder. I am going to do this. Nothing will stop me but my own self pity.