Friday, May 4, 2012

Heading to the MOTHERSHIP....

There is a 43% off coupon to be used this weekend to celebrate National Scrapbook Day and I am heading up to Kennesaw / Marietta to use it!  I know!  I know!  I really don't need to be spending money right now, but Archiver's NEVER has a coupon that large!  So, it is a big deal.  Plus, I can use it to get what I need.
Speaking of NEEDS:
On Monday, I went through each and every scrapbook that I own to see what needed to be done to finish off the albums or start the albums. Now, I have a LOT of albums that are finished.  BUT....I found 10 albums that need a couple things done to them to FINISH them off. 
So, the plan is to take this list to Archiver's with me.  I have all of the paper I need, but there is a really cool new tool called the Sew-Stamper that I really want to be able to use with my pages. I have been eyeing that thing since it came it.  It puts little stitches around your pages or around your photos.  Really cool little gadget.  So, I think that will be one of the purchases I make today.
My CHALLENGE to you for the month of May and this weekend's celebration of National Scrapbook Day.....(if you choose to accept it) is:
  1. Go through all your albums in search of things that you need to do to FINISH the entire album to call it "COMPLETE".
  2. Make a list of each of the things that you need in order to finish the album.
  3. Get to work this weekend on purchasing those things and creating what you need.
  4. Put the album back on the shelf, IT IS FINISHED.  COMPLETE.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
There is your challenge for MAY USE YOUR STASH too!  Imagine that!  2 posts in 1!  Now, I am off to have a shower and get to work on my list before I head up to the "Mothership".  Now Project Life Ladies, this goes for you too!  You may need to go back and look at those pages to make sure that you have all the photos that you need, or that you have journaling you need to finish.  So, get on it!  
Look for my post later this weekend about photo opportunities for Project Lifers.  I have lots of links for you to seek out ideas for photos of your every day.  So, keep your eyes peeled for that post this weekend!
Until Next Time,


S said...

I've never heard it referred to as the Mothership - but I can't disagree that it has earned the title.

Cyn M said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I haven't seen you in a while! :)
As for the Mothership....that is just me being silly. But I can see where it would be called the Mothership of scrapbookers everywhere! LOL
Between the classes they offer, the yummy goodies they have for us to use in our scrapbooks, I can totally see it as the place we head to when we need something!