Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Mail!!! A Gratitude Entry.....

I went to the mailbox earlier this week and found an envelope addressed to me!
It wasn't a BILL..
It wasn't Junk Mail.
It was AWESOME!!!!

It was a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from a follower of my blog.
S reads my blog and I have a link to her blog right here.  She commented last week on my Project Life post that she doesn't use her ARROWS and other STICKERS that came in her Clementine Project Life Kit.  She asked me if I would like them.
I said I would love them because I use mine with every week....
Here they are!!!
How awesome is this?!?!?!  It made me GRIN!!!
It isn't very often that I am the recipient of a RAK.
I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness S!
It was so nice to get a HAPPY letter in the mail instead of the usual bills and junk!
Thank you S!  You made my day!!
Until Next Time,