Friday, May 11, 2012


I sure am!

Jayne, the owner of Feeling Scrappy, has decided to bring back the Sketchapalooza classes and I posted about them earlier.  I am completely psyched about it and in my first post about the classes, I forgot to mention that I am on her Design Team for the Sketch class starting June 4th!  I am!  I promise! 
I even created a sketch for the class!  Jayne encouraged me to look through my old pages that I hadn't used sketches for and to take a favourite and draw it out!  So, I did!  She liked it!  She liked it!  I am going to try my hand at a couple more too, I think. 
Anyway, I am pretty excited about the class.  Afterall, Jayne took a sabbatical from the classes for a little while and took care of family and it is so good to see her back out here doing her thing!  Way to go Jayne!!!
So, are you going to join me and take the class or what?!?!  You know you will love it!  I may have to do a little *Challenge* during the class for a special little package from me!  I think I will do that!!!  
Just go to her blog - I linked it on the sidebar of this blog and buy the class!  You won't regret it!  
Here are a couple of my layouts from previous classes.  They really are for everyone and some of my very best layouts came from taking these classes!

Seriously, you really should think about it!  I will be there cheering you all on and encouraging you!  See you in Class!
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Monika Franziska said...

Hey girl. So glad you like the pic I shot of you. It was a happy surprise to see that as I stumbled onto your blog today.

Cyn M said...

Monika, that picture is one of my favourites of me! You take *fabulous* photos girlie!

Jayne said...

Love seeing these layouts - they all turned out great! Can't wait for class to see some more :) (Thanks for your sweet comments too! [[hug}}

Cyn M said...

Most of my favourite layouts have come from Sketchapalooza classes. That is why I am excited about you and Sketchapalooza making a come back Jayne! :)