Tuesday, May 15, 2012

8 Things....Fill 'Er Up

I follow this blog called Magpie Girl.  She does this thing called "8 THINGS" and some of the topics I have no clue what to write, but then along comes an idea that I can totally hop on board with.  There was one in particular that made me want to write....so here I go:
As a stay at home mom, sometimes it is hard to see that we make a difference in the lives of our husbands or children.  Day in and day out, we do the same things:  Laundry, Housework, Child Rearing, Cooking, Car Service, Tutoring, Disciplining, etc.  You know when you feel done?  You feel like just burying yourself in covers and sleep the day away? 
Sometimes you need to look at that tank and figure out a way to fill it back up after it is all gone.  So, here are 8 Things that FILL ME UP when I need to refuel:

1. Music to dance to in my livingroom or scrap loft or wherever, really.  As long as it has a good beat and I can crank the tunage up, I am good to go!

2. Scrapbooking is what I do when I need to refuel that tank.  It allows me to create and also to re-live some of the memories by just looking at my photos.  It makes me smile, laugh and sometimes cry.  But all in a good way.

3. Reading books, magazines, blogs. Immersing myself in a fictional story always helps.  Using the imagination is always a great way to unwind and refuel.

4. Talking to my girlfriends and venting.  A quick telephone call to a friend to chit chat is always a great way to let off some steam and also to get in a few giggles too.  Afterall, laughing does help the soul!

5. Soaking in as-hot-as-I-can-stand-it bathtub has always been relaxing and enjoyable to me.  I couldn't survive without my bathtub.  Turn the jets on and enjoy the white noise!  Soak all the cares away and get as relaxed as possible.

6. Naps.  I had one yesterday afternoon, while Sophie napped.  Sometimes a good 2 hour nap is all you need to rejuvenate and get some energy back.

7. Watching a television show or movie is another way.  Pretty Woman is my all-time favourite movie.  I could probably recite the movie from front to back and back to front.  But it always lifts my spirits when "Edward" takes "Vivian" to the opera and realizes in the end that he loves her.  Riding off in his limousine to her apartment blasting opera.  She rescues him right back......aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

8. Exercise.  You knew it had to be on here!  I mean, come on!  It could be a great aerobics class, a walk through our neighborhood, sex, rollerblading, whatever!  As long as it gets the heart pumping and blood flowing!  It is probably the best way to get some really good sleep too, which makes for a better mood!

There ya have it people!  Ways to keep going after you feel like you have no "oomph" left.  No pep in your step!  You should try some or all of these!  I betcha it would make you feel pretty good too!  

Now, tell me what you do to refuel!!!  Share please!

Until Next Time,

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Jayne said...

Fun! I used to do 8 things too but agree I couldn't get some of the topics butthen I was just doing my own 8 things - maybe I will start it up again :) Thanks for sharing Cyn!