Saturday, April 7, 2012

What A Trip!!! What a Game!!!

We had a blast at the Carolina Hurricanes vs. Montreal Canadiens game on Thursday night.  We got a really nice couple to take our photo as we were walking to the arena.  They got a great shot!!!  

It was awesome to take Nathan and Sophie to their first NHL game ever!  We were 5 rows up from the ice and right beside the Habs bench! For those of you who don't know....the Canadiens are also known as the Habs.  We lined up to get in as soon as we could so that we could see the team warm up.  Talk about up close and personal!  We took Nathan right up to the glass to let him see how big the guys really were and how much equipment they wore.  We got to see P.K. Subban shoot pucks at Budaj right in front of us and Erik Cole was standing right next to us as we watched the warm up.
Nathan loved watching the zambonis go round and round the ice.  He would LOVE to ride on one of those someday.  I think we will take him back to a game.  Better yet, let's get him on the ice too!  Maybe some skating lessons are in his future!  Afterall, how long did I figure skate?!?!?!  LOL

When it was time for the game, we sang the Canadian national anthem at the top of our lungs, which we haven't done in a long time! I had goosebumps singing our anthem and hearing the rest of the Canadiens fans singing along too was surreal! 

The game was action-packed and a lot of fun.  Nathan was watching the fans and taking it all in.  Sophie, on the other hand, was interested in the music and watching the fans and hockey but grew tired of sitting in one spot.  That's a toddler for ya!  Ha!

The Canadiens got the first goal in the second period and then Carolina tied it up.  By the end of the game they were 1-1 and had to go into OT (overtime).  Then after the 5 minutes of OT, they went into a shootout. It was pretty cool that, not only was it Nathan and Sophie's first hockey game, but they also got to see overtime and a shoot out!  

3 players from each team went one-on-one with the goalies.  It was a nail-biter!  In the end, the Canadiens lost.  It was a great game and yeah, we lost. But, it was the Canes' last home game and they should have won.  Afterall, they were the home team. 
I did get a shot of the winning goal with MY camera!  Sweet, eh???

So, now I am on the hunt for Habs tickets in Montreal because Ben and I have decided that we will drop the kidlets off and head to Montreal for a game (or two) next season.  We love our team and we love hockey.  I think the kidlets loved the game too.
Now, to figure out what pictures to put in the album....or maybe they should all go in my scrapbook?!?!  
Until next time....
Scrap On!

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Christy said...

What fun! You got amazing photos. I do think you should put them all in the album. After, the journaling is already done. Ah...the beauty of blogging. :)