Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project Life - More Pages (caught up!)

Here are the last of my Project Life 2012 album and then I am caught up to this week!  I have one page left to add pictures to, but the photos are sitting here on my desk as I type this.  I know, I am a slacker!  I have one half of the 2 page spread done and posted at the bottom, but I still need to do the journaling for the pictures I printed. 
The journaling on the page above is about the prep work and packing for the Skyline Retreat I plan twice a year. Between grocery shopping and packing, my week was taken up!  Sophie tried to help pack adding herself to my Creative Memories rolling tote!  I took a picture of the pantry after I shopped because it is a "slice of life" kind of picture.  Slice of Life = stuff you really need to get a picture of in your daily life.  I mean, those are the things you tend to forget and sure they may be meaningless to you now, but in a decade or two when the kidlets are grown and you can't remember what their favourite cereal go to the "pantry picture" and see which ones were on the pantry shelf at that time!

A friend of mine has rubbed off on me....I have recently started grabbing our large mixing bowl and making a HUGE salad for lunch.  What a great picture that salad made and OH HOW YUMMY!!!! 
Once again, the versatility of the pocket pages allows me to share a special occasion for our family - The Montreal Canadiens hockey game versus The North Carolina Hurricanes.  It really worked out well with these pages and I am really happy with the outcome. 
People say that their lives are boring.  People say that they are single and all they do is "routine stuff" or "just go to work".  There HAS to be something to photograph.  In the next little while, I plan to make a short little list of things that may be good to photograph and post it here on my blog.  Keep an eye out for it!

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