Saturday, April 21, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Getting Started!!!!

So, in January, I started to take a photo a day to do this 365+1 album.  Taking a photo a day is sometimes hard to do especially when you forget your camera! 
A couple of days, I used some backup photos that I had, but for the most part, I took a photo a day and will continue for the duration of 2012.  The Becky Higgins Project Life kits were all backordered and I had to wait until February to place my order on Amazon.    
When they finally became available again, in February, I ordered the Project Life Cobalt Core Kit, The Big Variety Pack #2 of page protectors and the Cobalt Cardstock package.  It all arrived and I posted this pic to twitter:    
Then, life and the retreat planning for Skyline got in the way of me actually getting started.  Life happens, eh?
UNTIL.....last weekend at the ScrapShare North Alabama Retreat. Here's how it all went down:

  1. Before I left for the retreat, I spent a day going through my photos from January 1, 2012 until April 8, 2012.  
  2. I copied the photos I wanted to use into a separate folder labelled 365+1. 
  3. I renamed the photos with the date they were specifically taken on or the date I wanted them for: 1-1-12, 1-2-12, 1-3-12, etc. 
  4. Then I took the pictures to CVS and printed them on matte paper.  

Now, I "cheated" on a couple of days...but it wasn't too bad.  I think I only missed 3 days from January 1st to April 8th!  Not bad if I do say so myself!  An example of "cheating" is:  January 3rd is my Mum's birthday, so I used a picture of her and I on her wedding day back in November 2011.  Since she is up in Canada and I am here, I couldn't get a picture of her on the 3rd. I used a picture of Sophie in her jammies for one of our "Jammie Days" that we have from time to time.  The photo itself was taken a couple of days before the actual jammie day.  So, it was close in time. 
So, fast forward to the retreat: 

  1. I spent the first part of the retreat putting the photos in order and figuring out which of the page protectors I needed for each week.  I realized that I take a LOT of photos vertically. Yikes!  I may have to order more of the vertical page protectors or maybe a couple packages.  
  2. Cut all my Cobalt Cardstock (which was 12x12) to 4x6 sizes.
  3. Cropped down the photos I had to fit horizontally (if they were vertical) and adhere them to the cardstock.
  4. Started slipping all the photos into the page protectors.
  5. Last but not least, JOURNAL.  (more about journaling in a separate post). 

And so it journey with Project Life.  I will be posting some more things about Project Life in the coming days, weeks and months. (Note: To look at all my Project Life Posts at once, you will just need to click at the bottom of this post "Project Life" and/or Project 365 and it will bring up all the posts I have written about this topic.)  
If you are interested in more info about Project Life, go check out Becky Higgins' Website.  She has a bar across the top of her site that allows you to see all her products, her blog, among other things. Great stuff over there, I promise!  
For those of you wondering how the retreat went?  It was RELAXING and FUN!!! Here we are "Charlie's Scrappers"....Jessica, Marta and I hamming it up at the retreat.  

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Jayne said...

Nice job!! I am using project life type system to go back and do the photos from 2010 when I wasn't scrapping - loving it so far super easy!