Sunday, February 26, 2012

Single Mummy Week....

It's just me and the kidlets for the week while Ben is up in Michigan for training.  Not a lot planned for the week but to survive it. I think the big thing this week will be to get Sophie through it. She will miss her Daddy and when she misses him, she gets whiny.  So, we will see how the week goes.

Nathan goes back to school tomorrow and it'll just be me and Sophie-girl.  

Another plan for the week is: working through a pile of photos to get them ready for the Skyline Retreat. The plan is to put them into a power layout with the paper and any embellishments and title ideas.  That way, once I get up to Skyline, I will be able to get set up and knock out some major layouts! 

As for this week, I have some EASY meals planned this week since it is just me and the kids.  

Tuesday night, my friend Marta will be coming down for a visit. It will be great to be able to hang with her for a little while.  

Maybe Sophie will feel well enough to have the gals over for coffee sometime this week.  Who knows, right?

Other than that, it is just me and the kidlets.

Ben arrives home late Thursday night.  Friday, he is off work. I plan to take him to the Preschool that I have registered Sophie for August 2012.  I think if he is going to be "on board" with this, he needs to see for himself what the school is like and see how comfortable she is there. 

Well, I hear NOTHING coming from the front playroom, so I better get down there to check on the kidlets. You know when it is quiet, you have to go looking for them!  

If you pray, pray for me.  Don't pray for patience though, I don't want any extra trials where I will need more patience.  Ha!

Until next time,
Scrap On!


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