Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh, IKEA, How I Love Thee.....

My good friend, Dawn, has a little area in her bedroom that she has used for scrapbooking in the past.  Right now, it is a little messy and not functional at all.  So, today,we took a little trip into Atlanta to IKEA to get her some organizing stuff.  
It was a total spur of the moment trip that we could have put off until next week, but we figured "the laundry and cleaning can wait".  So, off we went with 2 toddlers in tow to Ikea.  
Can I just tell you how much I LA LA LA LOVE Ikea?  I mean, REALLY, I love it!  The organizational section and office/work areas are, by far, my favourite.  You know, I thought I would be so tempted while I was in there to spend a huge amount of cash, but I bought the things I needed for our house (scissors, an egg timer for Sophie's potty training and a can opener) and I bought one zippered box for my Expedit shelf that will replace the one I busted last month (oops).    

I did find the desk that I would LOVE in MY scraploft....

I was also able to find a "big girl bed" for Sophie ^^^

Now, for Dawn's Scrapbook Nook, ended up getting an 8 cube Expedit and 2 bins with zippers for it.  Hopefully, her sister will help her put it together so that next week, I can head over to her place to help her organize and make her scrapbook nook more functional.  
That is one thing I absolutely love to do: organize.  
The cool thing about organizing:  First, it looks like a tornado has come through and trashed the place,  Then, when it is all said and done, man does it ever look awesome!  I promise, I will take photos before and after!!!  

Can't wait to see what we can pull off in there! :)

Until next time,

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