Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gratitude Entry #1 for 2012

I have decided to incorporate Gratitude entries on this blog throughout 2012. It will be done sporadically, but I want to add it to the blog.  
Today, I am thankful for the schooling that I had in Canada.  The Computer Skills and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer course in particular is what I am thankful for.
You see, yesterday, my friend Dawn told me that she had some sort of virus on her computer. Having worked on her system in the past, I knew that her hard drive just needed a good format and re-install due to errors on the hard disk and other program errors.
So, last night, she dropped off her computer to me and I did a quick backup of one of her files to a DVD and then formatted her system.  

What I am grateful for is this:  had I not taken the computer classes at Conestoga College, I wouldn't have known how to do everything that I did last night and this morning to re-install her software and get her back up and running.  She is on strict orders NOT to download anything from the internet without checking with ME first!!!  Ha ha ha!

Sure, I am a stay at home mom and I don't work outside the home, BUT I can run a computer like nobody's business!  

So, my public service announcement for today is to BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE.  Whether it is to an online site like carbonite or to an external hard drive, please do it TODAY!  Especially those photos!
Scrapbookers everywhere cringe when I tell the story of my laptop having an entire mug of coffee dumped all over it a few years back.  It was a nightmare!
So, get to backing up!!!  I know that if my hard drive crashed today, I would have all of my documents up until today because I am currently backing up my hard drive.     

So there you have it folks.....my first gratitude entry for 2012!  Thankful for education and specifically, my computer training.  It really does come in handy!

Until next time,

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