Thursday, February 16, 2012

Diary of 5 - Week 7

Thursday February 16, 2012

I am seeing...a laptop needing a lot of love and my friend, Dawn linking cartridges to her new Gypsy.

I am hearing...our toddlers playing away in the livingroom downstairs with very few squabbles.  They play so well together for the most part.
I am smelling...the Sharpie marker in my hand as I write the label on the Recovery Disk for Dawn's laptop.  You can really get high off those markers!  Sheesh!

I tasted...McDonalds McChicken (early lunch).
I am feeling....discouraged.  I helped Nathan with his little project for "Stomp at the Savoy". His second grade class has to do a small presentation about someone from the Harlem Renaissance.  We chose Louis Armstrong because we could find the most information on him on the internet.  Do you know that he didn't even thank me for helping him put together his posterboard?
Here is a pic from his project:

I think that boy of mine needs a "come to Jesus" meeting about appreciation and saying thank you.  Although, I think I had the same talk with him about a week ago.....Sometimes, parenting is a really thankless job!  
My mum would tell me "Paybacks a Bitch, Cyn!".....with a huge smile pastered all over her face!!!

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Until Next week....SCRAP ON!

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