Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MMEW 2012 Statement of Intention:

I have several intentions for 2012

·          Walk 3 times per week to start, join a gym in March                                          
·          No eating after 7pm
·          Drink lots of water
·          Eat well, break the sugar habit
·          Record caloric intake
·          Try to give up pop (A&W Rootbeer is my weakness)
·          No alcohol intake AT ALL
·          Cook and eat at home as much as possible
·          Get in better shape to be able to teach classes again
I want:
·          To feel better and sleep better
·          Be able to wear my wedding rings comfortably again
·          Shed body fat and get back down to 140 lbs
·          Be able to run a 5K under a half hour
·          Get my certifications current so that I can start teaching/training again

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