Thursday, January 12, 2012

MMEW 2012 - January, My Story

We had to take body measurements and I posted about that here and also take a full-body shot.  Taking a self portrait is hard but seeing this picture was even harder!  I.feel.fat!!! Anyway, we also had to tell our story. Below, you will see my story which is the journaling at the top of the page above.  


I was underweight for most of my life up until I met Ben in college, who later became my husband.  On our wedding day, September 18, 1999, I weighed 125 pounds and was in the best shape of my life.  I had begun working for Exclusively Women’s Fitness Centre in February 1999 and started instructing people on how to use the machines and teaching classes a year later. I then started personal training. I loved it.  EVERY minute of it.  We moved to Georgia from Canada in September 2002 and I wasn’t allowed to work due to the type of Visa I had.  So, I joined the gym and continued taking classes.  The problem with the classes down here, was that they weren’t all that challenging compared to what I was used to in Canada.  So, once I was able to work, I started to work for the gym. Then I found out that I was pregnant with Nathan.  I taught and trained my entire pregnancy.  August 16th, 2004, I went in for my C-Section and was 161 pounds. The weight fell off after Nathan arrived. 

Fast forward to 2009... I was 138 pounds and teaching aerobics at a new gym.   I found out that I was pregnant with Sophie.  At 6 months, my heart rate while I was teaching was at 220.  Not good for me or the baby and I had to stop teaching and exercising.  October 9 2009, I went in for my second C-Section, I weighed 173 pounds.  Again, the weight fell off. 
didn't end up going back to teaching (cert. lapsed) and my husband was laid off 6 weeks after Sophie was born.  Everything fell by the wayside and I went into “survival mode” for our family.  Ben ended up getting a new job and we moved in November 2010, I still couldn't teach and we couldn’t “splurge” to allow me to take the courses needed to re-certify.  Add to that the fact that gym memberships cost money and you know what happened next.  I did nothing.

2011 rolls around, literally rolls…..  
The pounds are slowly creeping up and I don’t notice it until my clothes are tighter, I feel tired and sluggish all the time, my moods are all over the place and my body has changed dramatically. 

Enter 2012….my weight is now at 175, clothes don’t fit and it is time for me to start taking care of ME!!  So, here I am!!!


Faith said...

go for it! I had my children a little older (ages 33 and 39) and was always a bit underweight (according to my ob/gyn) at 110 lbs and 5'4" i've entered my early 50s (am 52) with an 18 yr old and a 13 yr old now, I am finding that the Mid section is getting that "roll"....UGH...and I'm up to 124 which is heavy for me. I am totally reworking the kinds of sugars I eat...I love sweets! so am starting to limit my self AND add on work outs like power walking, yoga, cardio stuff. The problem I find is the lack of time to devote to it! i teach full time (assist) from 8-3 every day and try to do my power walking as soon as I get home before it gets dark out. It's tough but i know it can be done! good luck with your goals!!

Annet said...

Will enjoy following your journey - just come over from MMEW to support you and add you to my blog roll!!