Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26th

Nathan and I went out today on a "date" Daddy, no Sophie.....just US. It was fun too.

We went to Kohls to get me some new running shoes (wheels) and while we were there, we found Darth Maul, (a Star Wars figurine that Nathan so badly wanted). So he pulled out his wallet and gave me the money for it and was so proud to hand over the $10, it was adorable.
Then we went to a few other stores and bought some much needed items. The whole time, he kept putting his hand on mine and telling me "this is nice". What a sweet boy...
Afterwards, we went home and picked up Daddy and Sophie. I ordered a pizza and we went for a picnic at the park...picnic blanket and all. Several kids passed us with their parents and I overheard them say "I want to do a picnic too mom" or a mom saying to a dad "great idea for the family, a picnic and then the kids can play....." Nathan spent time on his bike and Daddy got to see how much Sophie likes the park (especially the slide)....... I think we got it right this time! ;) Who knew that a simple little thing like a picnic at the park would make both Sophie and Nathan happy?!?!

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