Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 49! The PARK rocks here!!!

In Warner Robins, we had 2 terrible parks that we could take the kids to. This park that Jessica took me to today was AWESOME! They have 2 Dog Parks - called BARK PARKS. Size limits allow the little pups to play and then the big pups to play. On top of that, there are soccer fields. Then....the PARK....Oh.My.Goodness! Very cool area for the kids to play with spots for the little ones and the big ones to play in - separated by swingsets (2 sizes of course - baby swings and big kid swings). There is a paved walkway for kids to ride bikes and parents to walk in circles, covered - pavillion style - picnic tables, benches and even a fitness circuit. Very cool if I do say so myself. It is not far away from our house either!

This is the LITTLE kid area and the swings are to the left of the picture. This is the BIG KID area and the fitness circuit in front.

Sophie rode in her first swing and I didn't have the camera ready. She giggled like crazy and then she started to get tired, stuck her thumb in her mouth and started with the long blinks! She was too cute! Nathan ran into a friend from the school bus and he played with him and Erica. Erica has tons of energy and can keep up with Nathan. Both kids were wiped out by the time we got home and had dinner (pizza from Domino's).
It was pretty cool and I plan to take them back there for sure!!!

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