Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 37 of 365 Yoda Went Missing Yesterday!

My 12 year old, purebred, Blue-Point Himalayan kitty, Yoda, went missing yesterday. We don't know which door he escaped from.....the garage door or the front door. With the kids here and having visitors, I didn't see either of the cats. I really thought they were hiding with all the commotion. I am so sad and distraught! Devastated would be the best way to describe me right now.....

We bought Yoda from a breeder in Canada the year we got married. He was born May 28th 1999 and we brought him home in the middle of August. He was supposed to be called Baloo after the Jungle Book (afterall, we had Mowgli)....but once we got him home and saw his little personality traits come out, add to that his big ears and forehead, his name became YODA...JEDI MASTER. All I know right now, is that I want my kitty back!!! We have looked everywhere and I made up signs tonight to post around the new neighbourhood, the animal shelter, etc. I just want him to return to us safe and sound. Afterall, he has never been an outdoor kitty and he has no front claws, so how could he ever defend himself!?!? I hope we find him soon!

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