Monday, February 21, 2011

52 of 365

Today is President's Day and I spent the day with my children. In Canada it is "Family Day" and I have to admit that the only thing (read person) missing from today was Ben. He had to work.......
Nathan and Sophie were really good today. We had breakfast together, played a bit, Nathan watched Sophie while I had a quick shower and they didn't get mad at each other at all! It was a great day.
I put Sophie down for her nap and spent some time with Nathan. We also went and laid in my bed and read this afternoon while Sophie napped. I read my book and he read his. It was really sweet and nice to have some down-time with Nathan. He read a bunch of books today too - the Magic Treehouse Series. It was a great investment getting those books! He has read the entire series several times! I love that he likes to read and learn new things.
We went to the park after Sophie woke up and I took a picture of Nathan hanging like a monkey. Afterall, for the longest time, I called him my "monkey man" or my "little monkey"......when you see this definitely know why!

There he is....the monkey man! :) Gosh I love this kid and that smile is killer!!!


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