Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lunch with Daddy at Moe's....Day 26

Sophie and I met daddy for lunch at my new favourite fast food place......Moe's Southwest Grill....
Marcy got me hooked and now I can't get enough! I am not really sure that it is fast food, but it really isn't a sit-down restaurant either. It was Ben's first trip there and he said it was pretty good when he got home after work tonight.

I love the fajitas and Ben had the chicken club quesadilla. Sophie ate off my plate and man was it ever good food! Ben doesn't usually take time for lunch out and usually eats at his desk in 10 minutes. So it was a nice change for him. He had to stay late tonight at work and I am really glad he had a hearty meal for lunch. He said he was glad he went out too.

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