Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7 - 365....can you believe I made it?

It has been 7 days in Project 365 and I have been getting my daily reminders (3 times per day). I have been VERY aware of the fact that I needed to take a picture. VERY.AWARE.
Here is the photo of us when Happy Momma (Jessica) came to visit us before everyone arrived to FLSSIX.
Front: Beth, Brenda, Marcy and Jessica
Back: Kelli, ME, Ang
Well, there you have it....the first week of 2011 and I actually kept up! I may not have taken this photo with MY camera, but it was taken today! Gotta love a retreat with scrapbookers....loads of cameras!!!
Until tomorrow, keep on scrappin'!

1 comment:

Bettyann Schmidt said...

Love it, love it. You all look so happy to be there. Hope you get all remaining 357 days of the year in photos!